The core business of Foresight Strategic Consulting is to provide our clients with a sense of anxiety reduction when it comes to individual or business tax matters. We do so by availing ourselves year-round to look at tax projections and "what-if" scenarios based on potential transactions or proposed new business ventures that may occur during a given year or years.

Should it be determined a client is expected to owe a substantial amount of taxes in a particular tax year, we inform them prior to the preparation of their annual tax returns so they are aware of the expected balance due amounts. In the case that a client may be overpaid, we advise our clients to make adjustments so that they can keep more of their money during the year.

Foresight often works with our clients' other advisers (i.e. real estate and mortgage planners, financial planners, insurance and estate planning professionals) prior to the execution of a particular transaction or strategy. As a result, our clients reap the rewards of professionally independent, yet integrated advice. We are proactive tax strategists, not reactive statisticians.