Before our client purchases, sells, or refinances a principal residence, rental property, or investment property, communication and timing is essential between Foresight, real estate, and mortgage professionals. Foresight is there to advise on the complicated rules regarding mortgage interest deductibility, rental loss deductibility, and the passive loss rules related to real estate. Foresight makes an individual aware in advance of the pitfalls and concerns in this complicated area of the Internal Revenue Code. Having our client "know their outcome before spending their income" could not be more important in the area of real estate and mortgage planning.

Much of our integration with other advisers is in the area of financial planning and wealth preservation. Foresight is there to provide guidance on the tax implications of capital gain planning, the alternative minimum tax, and the optimal selection of taxable and tax-advantaged investments.

Foresight integrates with many professionals in these client service areas. For clients that wish to start businesses, the choice of business entity and the proper types and amount of insurance coverage go hand-in-hand.

Foresight works with estate planning attorneys to review succession issues in family businesses, the use of trusts in estate planning, and to ensure our clients' wills are in compliance with their desires and wishes for successors and beneficiaries.